Boat trailers towed over weekend as Assumption Parish ramps up enforcement

Boat trailers towed over weekend as Assumption Parish ramps up enforcement

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - For some boaters in Assumption Parish, this Memorial Day weekend was a bummer.

Parish officials towed five boat trailers that were left unattended. However, one woman said there was no fair warning.

Lucy Talbot has been boating at Lake Verret near Napoleonville for over 30 years. She said that on Saturday her husband disconnected his truck from their boat trailer at the Attakapas landing and left for several hours while she went out on the water. When they went back for the boat trailer, it was gone.

They eventually found out that the trailer was towed with the approval of Assumption Parish, and they'll have to pay a fee to get it back. She later realized there is a sign outside the Attakapas Landing Boat Ramp which says unattended trailers can be be towed at the owner's expense. Talbot believes this isn't enough.

"One sign, to me that's a serious sign, and it should be put in intermittent places."

Talbot said this has never happened to her before. She was told by the Assumption Parish Police Jury that the law has been on the books for years, but they have recently ramped up efforts to deal with unattended trailers.

The Assumption Parish Police Jury, which meets in Napoleonville, declined an on-camera interview. However, they said that they held a public hearing on May 10, where multiple residents and campers complained about parking enforcement.

An official with the jury said there were complaints of trailers being left for weeks in the parking lot and trailers taking up more than one space.

"I get that and I don't blame them because some of these people park like idiots," Talbot said.

Joyce Thibodeaux lives just minutes from the lake and said she's been unhappy for a long time with trailer and car parking at the landing.

"They don't park straight, they just park anywhere they can," Thibodeaux said. N"o matter if it's in the middle of the parking lot, they'll just park their car there. They need to enforce the parking more. So that the parking's right and everybody has a chance to park."

Talbot said she's going to raise her concerns at the next police jury meeting, which will be held on June 8.

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