Volunteers clean out LSU Lakes

Volunteers clean out LSU Lakes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - While most people are spending their Memorial Day weekend relaxing or traveling, others decided to spend their vacation helping the environment.

The University Lakes Improvement and Preservation Association, also known as TULIPA, was out early Sunday morning cutting out the hyacinth in the Crest Lake. They say this keeps the lake in better condition and keeps the fishing ripe.

Volunteers used rakes and ropes to pull the plants out.

"The lake will be healthier and that's what we want. We want the lakes to stay healthy," said one volunteer. "One of the problems is if we let this go wild out here, this hyacinth, it feeds into University lake also, so it could start spreading throughout the lake system."

Volunteers said they would be out again next weekend to continue the work.

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