Baton Rouge neighborhood concerned about massive sinkhole

Neighborhood concerned about massive sinkhole

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Residents in one Baton Rouge neighborhood have their eyes set on a sinkhole they say has been growing for two years and has gotten so big it could do some real damage.

The sinkhole along Hyacinth Avenue is six feet deep and around four yards across. The city-parish's Department of Public Works (DPW) put up netting and barricades around a month and a half ago.

"They put a band-aid on it with a barricade, and now they're starting to sink down," said Jimmie Galtier Sr., who lives across the street from the sinkhole.

Galtier said two cars have driven into it, and he is very worried about the safety of the neighborhood.

Neighbors also said they are concerned about the safety of children playing around the hole.

Galtier, who worked in construction for 40 years, is worried about the hole's growth.  He said it could get big enough to damage the front yard of a home.

"It's almost taken to the corner of this man's house. And if it ever gets there, his foundation is gonna go down," Galtier said.

Galtier said he has called DPW at least three times, and other neighbors have also reported the hole.

DPW said they know about it, but did not have anything else to say about the matter.

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