Gov. Edwards signs medical marijuana, abortion and other bills into law

Gov. Edwards signs medical marijuana, abortion and other bills into law

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed many other bills into law over the past several days, including ones involving medical marijuana and abortion, as the regular session reaches its final two weeks.

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Below is a list of the bills signed:

ACT 93 - SB 2: Authorizes payments funded by state systems' experience accounts to certain retirees and beneficiaries
ACT 94 - SB 5: Provides for the payment of certain system administrative expenses
ACT 95 - SB 18: Provides for actuarial determinations and application of funds
ACT 96 - SB 271: Provides for medical marijuana
ACT 97 - HB 386: Extends the mandatory waiting period between certain required pre-abortion procedures and the performance of an abortion
ACT 98 - HB 488: Provides relative to qualifications of physicians who perform elective abortions
ACT 99 - HB 17: Relative to the Municipal Employees' Retirement System, to authorize the Louisiana Local Government Environmental Facilities and Community Development Authority to participate in the system
ACT 100 - HB 177: Provides relative to the Louisiana Naval War Memorial Commission
ACT 101 - HB 193: Provides with respect to legislative continuance in civil cases
ACT 102 - HB 212: Requires employers to report pending lump-sum payments to employees to appropriate enforcement agencies
ACT 103 - HB 214: Authorizes the sale of certain property in Rapides Parish
ACT 104 - HB 246: Provides relative to an extension of the time period for coroners to report traffic fatalities
ACT 105 - HB 252: Provides relative to the Provisional Licenses for Ex-Offenders Act
ACT 106 - HB 270: Provides relative to the notification of and special elections to fill vacancies in elective positions on the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
ACT 107 - HB 284: Provides relative to the Business Corporation Act
ACT 108 - HB 313: Provides for disclosure of information to property owners whose property is subject to expropriation
ACT 109 - HB 331: Provides with respect to facsimile filings
ACT 110 - HB 350: Prohibits certain persons from preventing or limiting communication, visitation, or interaction with others
ACT 111 - HB 366: Provides with respect to parole supervision fees
ACT 112 - HB 389: Extends the territorial jurisdiction of the City Court of the town of Franklin
ACT 113 - HB 403: Provides for membership of the reentry advisory council
ACT 114 - HB 423: Includes reptile and amphibian wholesale/retail dealers in the trip ticket program
ACT 115 - HB 447: Provides for changes to procedures for continuing tutorships
ACT 116 - HB 456: Provides with respect to the revocation of notarial commissions
ACT 117 - HB 482:  Creates a task force to recommend means by which the state may better facilitate permanency for foster children
ACT 118 - HB 494: Provides relative to the membership and functions of the La. State Child Death Review Panel
ACT 119 - HB 525: Provides relative to venue in certain proceedings involving abuse
ACT 120 - HB 530: Amends provisions relative to group insurance premiums for retirees of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office
ACT 121 - HB 562: Permits local public school boards to assign students to charter schools under certain circumstances
ACT 122 - HB 574: Provides for the inclusion of certain information in a judgment of interdiction
ACT 123 - HB 612: Allows vehicle mechanical breakdown insurers to file audited consolidated financial statements with the commissioner of insurance
ACT 124 - HB 624: Provides with respect to the reporting of certain judicial proceedings regarding the possession of firearms
ACT 125 - HB 7: Provides with respect to expungement
ACT 126 - HB 114: Designates the Louisiana Highway 1138-2 Prien Lake Road and Holly Hill Road roundabout in Calcasieu Parish as the "Russell T. Tritico, Sr. Circle"
ACT 127 - HB 133: Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Housing Authority of the Town of Oil City
ACT 128 - HB 147: Requires high schools in certain parishes to keep automated external defibrillators on their premises
ACT 129 - HB 189: Provides with respect to the closure of a restaurant at a qualified truck stop facility
ACT 130 - HB 217: Provides for the granting of educational leadership certification by the State Bd. of Elementary and Secondary Education
ACT 131 - HB 224: Provides with respect to court costs collected on civil filings to fund the Judicial College
ACT 132 - HB 285: Provides for continuous revisions to the Code of Civil Procedure and related provisions of the Revised Statutes
ACT 133 - HB 290: Changes the name of certain oyster harvest gear from "dredge" to "scraper" and provides for limitations on the dimensions of the scrapers
ACT 134 - HB 306: Expands the uses of the Public Oyster Seed Ground Development Account
ACT 135 - HB 310: Provides relative to the authority of the Public Service Commission regarding pass-through charges
ACT 136 - HB 311: Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 3063 in Calcasieu Parish as the "First Responders Memorial Highway"
ACT 137 - HB 355: Provides relative to military honor license plates for "Bronze Star Medal" recipients
ACT 138 - HB 358: Provides for an extension of court costs collected by the Civil District Court for the parish of Orleans and its clerk
ACT 139 - HB 434: Provides for the designation of a portion of Louisiana Highway 27 in Cameron Parish as the "Terry Cox Memorial Highway"
ACT 140 - HB 520: Provides for deposits made by certain foreign insurers applying for admission in Louisiana
ACT 141 - HB 521: Provides relative to the registration of securities
ACT 142 - HB 663: Requires notice to a non-captive insurance producer prior to an insurance company terminating the producer's appointment
ACT 143 - HB 672: Provides relative to rights and requirements of certain persons authorized to arrange the disposition of human remains
ACT 144 - HB 687: Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 86 in Iberia Parish as the "Albert "Al" Broussard Memorial Highway"
ACT 145 - HB 694: Provides relative to required coverage for reconstructive surgeries following mastectomies
ACT 146 - HB 730: Revises route designations for certain byways
ACT 147 - HB 806: Provides relative to the dissolution of limited liability companies
ACT 148 - HB 864: Prohibits certain claims fees assessed by health insurers or pharmacy benefit managers
ACT 149 - HB 868: Authorizes public school governing authorities to require at least one coach for each sport offered by a public school to be certified in CPR, first aid, and use of an automated external defibrillator
ACT 150 - HB 894: Provides with respect to reporting for Offender Reentry Support Pilot Program
ACT 151 - HB 899: Provides relative to the allocation of local funds by the Orleans Parish School Board for schools transferred to the Recovery School District
ACT 152 - HB 911: Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Grant Parish
ACT 153 - HB 913: Adds to the membership of the Child Protection Representation Commission
ACT 154 - HB 966: Provides relative to fees charged for burial at a state veterans cemetery
ACT 155 - HB 969: Requires adult residential care providers and nursing homes to disseminate information on shingles and pneumonia immunizations
ACT 156 - HB 1003: Creates the "K9s4COPS" special prestige license plate
ACT 157 - HB 1015: Changes the designation of rule making authority relative to the state fire marshal and the Department of Health and Hospitals
ACT 158 - HB 1136: Authorizes the disclosure of vital records data to law enforcement
ACT 159 - SB 4: Provides for the frequency of meetings of the board of trustees
ACT 160 - SB 14: Adds employees of the Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority to the system membership
ACT 161 - SB 15: Provides for exceptions from the retail seafood dealer's license
ACT 162 - SB 27: Provides relative to motor vehicle rental insurers
ACT 163 - SB 48: Authorizes the St. Mary Parish Council, the town of Berwick and Recreation District No. 3 to enter into a contract assigning to the town the obligation to provide service in the area of the district annexed by the town
ACT 164 - SB 68: Provides relative to the Legislative Youth Advisory Council
ACT 165 - SB 87: Designates interchange of I-10 with US 171 in Calcasieu Parish as "Louisiana State Master Trooper Stephen H. Gray Memorial Interchange"
ACT 166 - SB 126: Provides relative to payable on death accounts
ACT 167 - SB 128: Provides relative to self-service storage facilities
ACT 168 - SB 151: Repeals certain provisions declared unconstitutional that regard attorney fees in lawsuits filed against public officials
ACT 169 - SB 159: Authorizes LTA to undertake state-designated priority "A" or "B" projects in Statewide Transportation Plan
ACT 170 - SB 220: Provides for powers of the estate of a deceased or incompetent member of a limited liability company
ACT 171 - SB 234: Provides relative to additional default remedies by certain debtors under certain secured transactions
ACT 172 - SB 235: Provides relative to the status of private entities that contract with the Algiers Development District
ACT 173 - SB 261: Authorizes two or more parishes to create a game and fish preserve when the preserve is located in multiple parishes
ACT 174 - SB 266: Provides for licensing of insurance claims adjusters
ACT 175 - SB 368: Provides relative to intrafamily adoptions
ACT 176 - SB 372: Provides for actuarial notes on prefiled bills
ACT 177 - SB 384: Provides relative to promotions in the Lafayette Police Department
ACT 178 - SB 396: Provides relative to promotional seniority in the Lake Charles Police Department for officers who have been deployed
ACT 179 - SB 404: Regulates unsolicited offers for the transfer and sale of mineral rights
ACT 180 - SB 457: Authorizes the Avoyelles Parish School Board to levy and collect an additional sales tax, subject to voter approval

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