Lightning strikes illuminate the sky during overnight storm

VIDEO: Lightning strikes illuminate the sky during overnight storm

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From East Baton Rouge to Assumption Parish, an overnight storm system caused some serious damage. But the most impressive, and scary, part of the storm was the light show.

"Last night's lightning show was noteworthy and impressive, but it also got an added boost in our minds because it was nighttime," said 9News Meteorologist Steve Caparota. "For obvious reasons, those bright flashes are more vivid in the dark of night compared to a similar amount of lightning occurring during the day."

Baton Rouge-resident Katherine Perry caught one of those strikes on camera.

"I like to sit on my balcony as storms roll in," she said. "I took out my GoPro and started recording. Although there were more impressive strikes, this one the only one I could capture outside while still feeling safe.

She captured the video around 10 p.m. Thursday evening. Around the same time, there were roughly 2,000 lightning strikes within a 15 minute period between Baton Rouge and Houma.

If you captured any pictures or video clips, we want to see them.

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