SLIDESHOW: Cleanup begins after overnight storm

Cleanup begins after overnight storm - 5 p.m.
Airline Hwy (Source: WAFB)
Airline Hwy (Source: WAFB)
Tree down on Cloud Dr. (Source: Twitter)
Tree down on Cloud Dr. (Source: Twitter)

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A powerful storm system ripped through south Louisiana overnight, forcing many to begin cleaning up Friday morning.

"I got out here about 2 o'clock this morning, after we heard all of the limbs breaking and I found out that it had blown my window out of my Tahoe and the back gate is missing," said Baton Rouge-resident Jerry Kimbrough. "I'm going to have to get the glass fixed, the windshields cracked. I'm not sure about the body work yet."

Coincidentally, on National Bike to Work day, a Baton Rouge bike shop is forced to keep its doors shut.

"Dear Friends, Our JONES CREEK Location will be CLOSED temporarily due to severe damage caused by a tornado last night," reads a post on the Capitol Cyclery Facebook page. "We will let you know as soon as we re-open. In the interim, please visit our knowledgeable team members at our ESSEN LANE Location."

Many businesses are dealing with similar issues, although it is not official that a tornado is the culprit.

The Shenandoah-area saw a great deal of damage.

"Shortly after we heard a loud noise and came outside and seen all of this," Mike Mckinney said. "I've been through a many a hurricanes, but I tell you when I looked out last night and seen that wind blowing, I've never seen a hurricane blow that hard I don't think."

Power outages caused by downed trees seems to be the most common issue. Entergy says its hoping to have all power restored by Saturday evening.

"The hardest hit area is Baton Rouge," said Kacee Kirschvink, an Entergy representative. "At the peak of the thunderstorms we had 13,134 out in Baton Rouge and we are working to whittle that down."

For some, the storm was not as dramatic.

"Slept through the whole thing, didn't hear nothing," said Robert Gill. "I got up this morning, everything was all over the yard, limbs, everything, slats blown out, just about everything you could imagine."

Also in Baton Rouge, the St. George Fire Department reported a house on Ticonderoga Avenue and a trailer on Airline Highway near Baringer Foreman Road also both had trees fall on them. No injuries were reported.

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