La. inspector general discusses threat of budget shutdown

La. inspector general discusses threat of budget shutdown

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana's inspector general talked about the money his office saves the state.

IG Stephen Street spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday after escaping a budget shutdown last week. While talking about what his agency does, he pointed out that his office investigates movie credit fraud.

"I told these people, look, this is fraud and I can promise that you don't want to pay this. You don't want this headline to be after these people get indicted that we paid them 4 and a half million dollars that they weren't entitled to," Street said. "And that's real money, you can compare that to, say, a 1.9 million dollars appropriation? That's on an annual basis and that's just a slice of the work we've been doing on the criminal side."

Street suggested that funds could be dedicated for the IG's budget rather than undergo the threat of budget shutdown repeatedly. He said it is something he plans to pursue.

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