Louisiana state tax filing deadline is Monday

Louisiana state tax filing deadline is Monday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Monday is the deadline for people in Louisiana to file their state income taxes.

Tax return filings will be accepted online until 11:59 p.m. without being considered late.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue suggests filing electronically to minimize errors and to expedite the filing process. You can file, submit payments and all supporting documents online at www.revenue.louisiana.gov/fileonline.

People needing more time can file for a tax filing extension.  Extension requests must be filed by today's deadline to avoid late fees and penalties. To request an extension electronically, visit www.revenue.louisiana.gov/extensions.

There are also filing and payment extensions for people living in declared disaster areas from area storms and flooding in March. Those extensions are not granted automatically, but have to be requested and approved. If approved, the disaster related tax deadline is July 15, 2016.

To request a disaster related extension, call the Department of Revenue's customer service number, 855-307-3893, or write "LA Flooding 2016" in black at the top of your return if filing a paper return.

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