Meeting on poor conditions at Brandywine Condominiums erupts into chaos

Meeting on poor conditions at Brandywine Condominiums erupts into chaos

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Brandywine residents are fed up after spending the past nine days without power.

Management attempted to explain the current situation to residents in a community meeting Friday afternoon, but it quickly turned to chaos.

Brandywine landlord Lazarus McDaniel wasted no time telling us we were not welcome at the meeting.

Scottie: So you're saying we can come to the meeting?

"No. You can't come in here," said McDaniel.

Scottie: Is there a certain reason why we can't come to the meeting?

"Because it's something we're taking care of that we have to do and we don't want you here," McDaniel added.

While the landlord refused to answer our questions, there was no dodging residents who are fed up on the ninth day they've gone without power. At the meeting residents learned they now have two weeks until the water is shut off as well.

"You said it was going to get cut off in two weeks," a resident questioned.

"Yes, two weeks," McDaniel responded.

Residents say overgrown weeds and overflowing trash have become the norm at the complex for years but the lack of power has caused tensions to boil over. The meeting spilled out of the mail room and quickly went off the rails, at one point even Baton Rouge Police were called to simmer the heated argument.

"We want our money," demanded a resident.

"You don't have permission to film this," McDaniel said.

Sherry Todd has lived at the complex for two years and said the poor conditions are a constant problem.

"It's like that 24/7 over here," Todd said. "We have no one to control maintenance. We have no one to control anything."

The complex owes Entergy roughly $60,000 and until the bill is paid, tenants will remain in the dark. Todd said it's not fair because she pays her bills on time and can't understand why the complex is not turning over the money to the company. Todd believes the money is being pocketed by management.

"I know where the money went and I know who embezzled it and it needs to be investigated," Todd said. "They cannot do this to us."

Other residents say those allegations are not fair and that Lazarus McDaniel is not the problem.

"He does care about these people and people calling him all kinds of names, it's not his fault," said Rosemary Karmereo. "The fault is that 80 percent of the people living here have not paid their fees properly."

Unfortunately residents left the meeting tonight with no answers, with little hope and still without power.

"Sorry to say it's a waste of time because there's nothing we can do," Karmereo added.

Councilwoman Donna Collins-Lewis has told 9News because the complex has a number of private owners there is not much the city can do. However potential investors could start making changes there in the next three to six months.

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