Do you believe? Ghost hunters share stories from the South

Do you believe? Ghost hunters share stories from the South

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Ghosts, ghost stories and ghost hunting. You never know what you'll see from The Paranormal Society, a group based out of Louisiana that is all about hunting down those things that go bump, or worse, in the night.

"The scarier it gets, the wilder it gets, I'm in. I'm running towards that moment. That's why I'm there," said Dylan Esteve.

Esteve is one of the two main members of group. He's been working with Kenny Soape for six years, traveling all over the southeast. They've conducted dozens of investigations, but of course some stand out. Like one in Mandeville, Louisiana.

"We went in and it was one of the most amazing investigations we've ever had," Esteve recalled. "The house was 27 years old. The lady had just moved into it two or three weeks and things started to happen."

They went in like they always do, armed with dozens of cameras, listening devices and other types of technology. They were hoping to find something that may show a glimpse of the other side. And in this home, they think they found it.

"She had an exercise ball in the closet on a basket with a concave top," Esteve said.

Meaning it wouldn't just roll off, but it did, and it was caught on camera. It then just rolled all the way across the floor, they say, like someone kicked it. That and everything else was more than enough for the owner. She moved out of that house.

But even they didn't see anything distinctly push the ball. So, what happens when you do see something?

"We saw what's known as a shadow person. You're filming in infrared and you see a silhouette of a humanoid form walk right by the camera," Esteve said.

That investigation took them to the Powell Plantation in Summit, Mississippi. Sure enough, when looking at a certain section of the video, something can be seen passing by the door. Is it just a quirk in the video, or is it something going for a stroll along the hallways it used to walk?

"The gentleman that owns that property had never seen the shadow being. When we showed him, he was less inclined to go back in there at night," Esteve said.

Or how about the voice heard in the stairwell at the plantation? Dylan asked if it's okay to take its picture. If you listen closely as they enhance the audio for you, you can certainly hear something. Is it a voice saying "okay?" You be the judge.

While you're at it, how about a different investigation? Kenny knocked on the wall of a home and asked the spirits to do the same. What happened next, you could tell, even shocked these ghost hunters. They heard what sounded like knocking. Not once, but twice when he asked the spirits to knock again. The reaction from the hunters told you everything you need to know.

So why do these guys think that our part of the world is such an active place for the other side? The answer, for them, is pretty simple.

"Because of all the things that have happened down here. The Native Americans, the Civil War, slavery. This turmoil, heartache and pain seem to have left their mark," Esteve said.

For those involved with all of this, there is no doubt. There is absolute belief.

"I know for a fact, because of physical experiences I've had, that it's real," Esteve said.

So you be the judge, but don't judge to harshly. Because like I was told, you may not believe in ghosts, but they certainly believe in you.

For more about the Paranormal Society, visit their Facebook page.

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