Sam Clark Jr. sentenced to 6 months for domestic abuse against wife in Pointe Coupee Parish

The Investigators: Sam Clark Jr. sentenced to 6 months for domestic abuse against wife in Pointe Coupee Parish
Sam Clark Jr. (Source: St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office)
Sam Clark Jr. (Source: St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office)

POINTE COUPEE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - An emotional day in court Thursday for a family dealing with loss.

A woman dead, allegedly at the hands of her husband, but he stood before a Pointe Coupee judge Thursday for a charge of domestic abuse that allegedly took place before his wife was killed.

A quiet Sam Clark Jr. walked into the Pointe Coupee Parish Courtroom to face his charge of domestic abuse battery.

Clark was arrested last October on two felony domestic abuse charges against his wife Kimberly Nicole Perkins.

According to a warrant, Clark was arrested for "grabbing his wife around her throat to where she has to struggle to breathe" and for "taking out a shotgun from the gun cabinet and pointing it at the victim, while questioning her about some missing money."

But when it came time for Kimberly to testify, sources say fearing for her safety long term, she changed the story of what happened.

Without her cooperation, Judge James Best could only uphold a reduced charge of misdemeanor domestic abuse and set a bond for $5000.

Six months later, the couple moved to St. Landry Parish and Kimberly ended up dead. Her husband allegedly confessed and was arrested for murder.

Rebecca Simoneaux is Sam Clark's daughter.

"She was a friend and also a stepmother, so it hits home when it comes to the whole situation but I have to put her as a friend before anything," says Simoneaux. "If there was anything I could have done to help her, she knew I would do it."

Thursday, Clark went to court on that misdemeanor domestic abuse charge taking back his not guilty plea and entering a "best interest" plea.

He go the maximum sentence, six months.

"He took his plea on what he done so he's standing up to that part," says Simoneaux.

Because the victim in this case has died, her mother testified giving a very tearful, emotional testimony.

When Judge Best asked Kimberly's mom, Gena Duvall, if she knew about the alleged abuse, she answered, "She was scared to tell me anything because she knew she was stuck between a rock and a hard place and nothing could be done."

She also added that5 she had to hide and see her and anytime she saw her daughter, she had bruises on her.

Judge Best told Duvall, "Your daughter did not want him to remain in jail."

He added that he repeatedly asked her if she feared for her life or wanted a restraining order.

"It's paper. Paper's not going to stop him from coming back. You need to put him in jail for life, otherwise you won't be there when he comes knocking on her door," Duvall replied. "Unless you have been there, you don't know the fear. I'm not asking for much, but justice be severed."

Kimberly's brother, Skyler Perkins, expressed his feelings after the trial.

"I can't say whether I'm satisfied or not. Like I said, I just left it up to the justice system and that's how I feel," says Perkins. "Whatever happens is not going to bring her back."

Judge Best said that he regrets that six months is the most he could give Clark and because he's still facing a murder charge in St. Landry Parish, he had to be transported back.

When asked if he could say anything to Kimberly's family, Best replied, "Lord, bless them".

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