Louisiana leaders scoff at Florida governor's threat to steal jobs

Louisiana leaders scoff at Florida governor's threat to steal jobs

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The governor of Florida is trying to battle with Louisiana over business.

Florida Governor Rick Scott sent out a series of tweets Wednesday, saying that he will be coming to Louisiana this summer to meet with businesses to try and convince them to move to Florida.

It's something that Scott has done before. He was in California just over a week ago trying to poach jobs there.

However, Louisiana Budget Project Director Jan Moller said he is not scared of Scott.

"I'm gonna guess he's doing this to get some publicity at home. He's had a tough time politically at home, and it's probably a good for him to get out of state," Moller said.

Scott also criticized Louisiana legislators for not focusing on job growth, but one Louisiana lawmaker said Scott would be wasting his time.

"Him coming here to Louisiana talking about getting people to come to Florida to work for jobs probably isn't going to mean a hill of beans as far as I'm concerned," said Rep. Pat Smith, D-Baton Rouge. "I think Louisiana is wide open as far as projects and jobs right now."

Gov. John Bel Edwards compared Scott, a Republican, to former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whom Edwards believes ruined Louisiana's economy and left the state with a huge budget mess.

"The idea that he's gonna come here and extol the virtues of Bobby Jindal I think is a little bit fanciful, but we're a good hospitable people," Edwards said. "He's welcome to come here and visit any time he wants, I just hope he spends a lot of his money while he's here."

Scott criticizes recent Louisiana tax increases in his tweets, but Moller said taxes are lower In Louisiana, on a per capita basis, than Florida. He also said the Bayou State has stronger schools, transportation, and job training.

"We welcome them to Louisiana I hope they spend a lot of money while they're here. I don't think they're gonna take any jobs."

Scott did not mention the exact dates he would be in Louisiana in his tweets.

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