SLU launches its Safe Campus app

SLU launches its Safe Campus app

HAMMOND, LA (WAFB) - Southeastern Louisiana University has launched a Safe Campus App for students, faculty and staff.

The app was created by the school's computer science students at the request of the university's Emergency Preparedness Committee.

The purpose of the app is to provide students, faculty and staff on campus with simple instructions and recommendations for what to do during an on-campus emergency. It addresses procedures for situations such as active shooter, bomb threats, fire, explosion, shelter in place, campus lockdown, evacuation, physical injury, sexual assault, weapons on campus and weather emergencies.

The app also allows users to directly contact the University Department from the home screen as well as links embedded inside of different sections in the app.

The Safe Campus App is a new addition to the university's comprehensive Southeastern Campus Alert System.

"Safety for our campus community is of paramount importance," says Sam Domiano, Vice President for Administration and Finance who chairs the committee. "The directives on the app were designed so that they're appropriate for individuals to review so they're prepared for any potential emergency, but also so that they can be accessed immediately for instructions on how to protect yourself, who to contact and how to assist victims should a situation arise."

The app was designed by Professor Ghassan Alkadi's computer science software engineering students Joshua Asoodeh, Ryan Craft, Alexander Gonolfi and Joshua Valladares.

It is free for download for any smart phone or device at

Students, faculty and staff can also register for the Southeastern Emergency Alert System at

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