LSU releases audit into former Tiger Band director Roy King

LSU releases audit on former Tiger Band director Roy King

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU released an audit Wednesday which detailed the alleged actions that resulted in the firing of former Tiger Band director Roy King.

The nine-page document lists six different ways LSU said King violated school policy. That includes giving scholarships meant for Tiger Band students to Golden Girls and Color Guard, changing the wording of how scholarships are awarded to band members without the School of Music's approval, and failing to account for more than $5,000 in university travel money.

On Monday, King filed a lawsuit against LSU, denying the allegations listed. His lawyer, Jill Craft, said he got caught in a turf war over money that donors pledged to the band and he blew the whistle when he saw the attempt to spend it elsewhere.

LSU officials fired King after placing him on administrative leave on April 6. The firing was the result of a nearly four-month long internal investigation into King. A termination letter was mailed to King on April 19.

LSU released the following statement regarding the audit, firing of King and his lawsuit against the school:

"Mr. King's lawsuit contains a number of false claims that had no bearing on his termination – the reasons for which were explained in a letter sent to him and are documented in an internal audit report, in addition to separate investigation conducted by LSU's human resource management office. Mr. King was afforded all due process leading up to his termination.
As stated previously, the notion of a 'money grab' by the School of Music is false and, along with the lawsuit as a whole, has been orchestrated by Mr. King and his attorney to distract from the real issues behind his termination. Our goal is to ensure that Tiger Band continues to be the finest in the nation. This decision was taken with the best interest of our students and the future of Tiger Band in mind."

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