Police will not file charges for accidental shooting in Cabela's store

Police will not file charges for accidental shooting in Cabela's store

No charges will be filed against a Cabela's employee who accidentally shot himself inside the store, officials say.

The accidental shooting happened Thursday, April 28 at roughly 4:15 p.m. According to the probable cause report submitted by the Gonzales Police Department, the employee, who has worked for the company since 2008 and is in good standing, shot himself in the hand.

"[The employee] said he was showing a .22 caliber Smith & Wesson to a customer in the gun library," notes the report. "[The employee] said he did not see a round in the chamber and let the slide go. He said that is when the weapon fired, striking him in the left palm."

The bullet exited his hand and landed in the wood floor. They say no one else was injured.

"You can't get 'laxed' around gun safety. It's not something you have to stay awake at night and worry about. But you can't just lull into a false sense of security because you work with guns every day," said Colbert Sheard, a Cabela's customer.

The employee was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

The report notes that a gun introduced into the store goes through multiple safety checks from the time it enters the store, to the point that it is shown to potential customers.

"It is unclear how the weapon had a round in the chamber," the report concludes.

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