St. James woman faces tough cleanup after escaping flood waters

St. James citizens fight off flood waters after heavy rain and wind

ST. JAMES, LA (WAFB) - A homeowner in St. James Parish is facing a tough cleanup ahead after flood waters poured in Sunday morning.

The flood waters may have gone down but the nightmare is just beginning for Wanda Jones who said despite having sandbags, nearly every room of her home was covered with water.

Even though several hours have passed since 55-year-old Wanda Jones was forced from her Kingview Street home, the water still met her at the door when she walked back inside Sunday evening.

From the living room to the kitchen and everywhere in between, there is no escaping the damage. Jones said the water was halfway up her kitchen cabinets when the water was at its worst.

"This happened right after we came from church about 10:30 this morning," Jones said.

Just home from church, she said the water started rushing in from all sides.

"The water I see coming from under the wall right there and it just started shooting all over and stuff and then when I got in my other room I look and the water come from the side of the wall too," she said.

In a panic, at first she tried to save some of her belongings then she realized her life was more important.

Scottie: At what point did you decide it's just not worth it?

"About 11 o' clock. I just told my son come get me out of here. I told him to just try to get me out because I know it was gone hard for me to get out you know with this leg I have," she added.

While Jones did escape with her life she says it will be a tough road ahead. Her leg was amputated a few years ago which makes it hard to get around.

That combined with not having flood insurance, she said cleanup will be nearly impossible.

"Well looks like I'm going to have to try to do the best that I can," she added.

She's hoping the best she can will be good enough.

With more rain expected, Jones is staying with her sister in Convent until her home dries out.

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