Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge takes on its first of many scheduled projects this weekend

Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge takes on its first of many scheduled projects this weekend

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A group called Rebuilding Together plans to work on nearly a dozen homes around Baton Rouge this weekend.

Volunteers braved the heat and started early this morning to do more than just simple repairs.

Willie Freeman Jr. knows hot days like Friday.

He's lived in his Scotlandville home for 15 years and says things have just started to fall apart.

"It got to the point where I needed some help, so I asked for help and I got it. Thank God for that," says Freeman.

Today, that help is coming from the folks at Brown and Root and Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge.

From a new roof to a newly painted and polished accessibility rail, new floors and a desperately needed new toilet.

"It was sitting at a 10 degree angle and it would wobble every time he would use it. Now he has a good solid floor under it," says one volunteer.

These folks are breathing a new life into an old home.

"They helped me out a great deal," says Freeman. "I greatly appreciate it."

Rebuilding together Baton Rouge will work on 11 homes around the city this weekend.

Freeman's home is getting a little extra help from Sears' Heroes Home Grant.

"It's a very unique opportunity to be represented, you know, as being a veteran and having someone to care enough about you to try to improve your living and working conditions," says Freeman.

"This is what we get deeply moved about because these are the people that stood on the front lines of the defense of this nation and they went where they were told to go and they did what they were told to do and they did it well," says Chris Andrews, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge.

Now Freeman can live well thanks to a little bit of hard work and a lot of big hearts.

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