EBR is ahead of the rest of the country in the fight against Zika

EBR is ahead of the rest of the country in the fight against Zika

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Residents in East Baton Rouge Parish who are worried about the spread of the Zika virus can breathe a little easier this mosquito season.

Mosquito control officials say Baton Rouge's effort is ahead of the game compared to others across the country.

Mosquito Control Director Dr. Todd Walker says part of the reason is that experts here are used to combating the West Nile virus and efforts to control Zika are very similar.

He says you don't have to have a large amount of standing water around your home to attract mosquitoes.

"If water stays in a bottle cap long enough, mosquitoes can complete their life cycle in there," he said. "A tin can, an empty Coke bottle, a tire, all can become a significant habitat for mosquito breeding."

Parish homeowners can request mosquito control inspectors to come out and help protect their homes with a combination of efforts including spraying.

"We are probably one of the best organizations or districts in the country that are doing this," Walker said. "We did over 12,000 residential treatments last year for the mosquito that transmits this disease."

If you'd like to inquire about have your home treated, contact Baton Rouge Mosquito Control at (225) 356-3297.

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