DA: WBR councilwoman's Facebook rants not criminal

DA: WBR councilwoman's Facebook rants not criminal

WEST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - The charges of public intimidation against a West Baton Rouge council member have been dropped, according to the WBR District Attorney's office.

Prosecutor Tony Clayton said Monday that the case against WBR Councilwoman Charlene Gordon was "dead on arrival." His office will not be pursuing the case at all because they say it was not a valid charge to arrest someone one.

Gordon was arrested by Port Allen Police on charges of public intimidation and retaliation for a post on Facebook.

"It's dead on arrival. There was no crime that was committed at all," Clayton said. "I will not accept the police department's charge. Arguing on Facebook is not a crime. I've reviewed the file along with the DA and our team, and we all agree it's dead on arrival."

According to a probable cause report, Gordon yelled at a bus driver about leaving her grandson and called out the same bus driver in some Facebook posts. The bus driver told police she was bothered by the post's comments and felt that Gordon was threatening her or her job.

Police were informed by the bus driver that she had submitted written reprimands for the behavior of Gordon's grandson on several occasions, including the day when Gordon yelled at the driver.

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