Supporters react to former Tiger Band Director Roy King's firing

Supporters of fired LSU Band Director speak out
Roy King (Source: WAFB)
Roy King (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sunday marked five days since former Tiger Band Director Roy King was fired, following an internal investigation.

King has many supporters that have come to his side.

"To fire him with a letter, you know when you can't look someone in their eye and tell 'em you're fired," said Wayne Barrilleaux. "And what cause… no it was just not right."

Barrilleaux is a devoted Tiger Band parent, with two daughters and two son in laws that are all former members.

He was so upset with the dismissal of King that he turned one LSU emblem upside down on his truck… a symbol of his disapproval.

"I'm very disappointed in the administration of LSU... that they let this happen. It went from bad to worse... Roy in no way deserves what he got. To boot him like they did with what I consider no cause... is just... it's not right."

King was fired on Tuesday.

The University says his dismissal was based on an internal investigation.

He faced numerous accusations... among them, improper scholarships awarded to color guard and Golden Girls members.

He was also held responsible for cash that went missing from a secretary's desk.

Former drum major Mary Bahlinger doesn't believe the accusations are completely factual.

"I don't think they're directly true," she said. "I think they have been altered in a way that makes it seem worse than it is."

Bahlinger and Barrilleaux were part of a group that filed petitions with the Governor's office, and the LSU President's office earlier this month... asking that King be allowed to keep his job.

She says her perception of LSU administrators has changed.

"I feel sad that certain aspects of LSU have come to the forefront in the public. You know, Louisiana has this reputation of things going on behind the curtain... and I... it makes me sad that it has happend to someone that I'd like to call a friend."

King and his attorney Jill Craft have not pursued any legal action.

Doctor Dennis Llinas has been named the interim band director.

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