Wild New Orleans abduction spirals into suicide at BR hospital

Wild New Orleans abduction spirals into suicide at BR hospital
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A bizarre abduction case that began in New Orleans late Friday night and unfolded into a violent end with the suspect taking his own life in a Baton Rouge hospital.

Investigators say the suspect actually tried to kidnap a woman who had given him a ride around 10:30 Friday night but when she got away he turned his sights on a soon-to-be mother.

Police in Baton Rouge and New Orleans are trying to answer a lot of questions after the abduction spiraled into a suicide early Saturday morning in the lobby of Baton Rouge General on Bluebonnet.

What remains puzzling is BRPD identified him as 29-year-old Gary Zarders but in New Orleans law enforcement pinned him by the alias Gary Saxton.

"Our investigators are using Gary Zarders," said BRPD spokesman Don Coppola. "It's believed that he has two identifications with these two separate names."

Investigators say Zarders held a 28-year-old pregnant woman at gunpoint sometime before midnight on a New Orleans street Friday before taking her on a wild ride to Baton Rouge.

At some point during the abduction, detectives say the expectant mother complained of issues with her pregnancy and somehow convinced her alleged captor to take her to a hospital.

Once they arrived at Baton Rouge General and made it inside the victim was able to get away from Zarders. She then alerted hospital staff to what was going on.

"She did a great job... Heads up thinking along with the hospital personnel. There was no one in the waiting room where he was when this incident took place," Coppola said.

Hospital security took Zarders into custody but while they were questioning him he allegedly pulled out a gun and did the unthinkable.

"It's believed he may have hid the gun in the chair which he was sitting because there was no gun on his person," Coppola added. "He was detained but was still able to pull this gun out and take his own life."

Police say the expectant mother was not hurt in the ordeal.

They credit her quick thinking for possibly keeping her and others out of harm's way.

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