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West Baton Rouge drug round-up nets 17 arrests, 13 still wanted

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Operation 4-20 got 17 people off the streets in West Baton Rouge Parish on Wednesday. 

Deputies started with the drug round-up early in the morning, knocking on doors at homes and trailers trying to arrest people with warrants out for them. 

"All of these cases are on video and it's our undercover officers making purchases from the dealers, and all that's captured on video and was submitted with the warrants," said Col. Richie Johnson with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office. 

Johnson said undercover deputies started buying drugs off those arrested about six months ago. 

In total, deputies were looking for 31 people. They picked up 17. Some of the others, officials said they are locked up in other parishes. 

Deputies rode around trying to find the ones on their list. In one case, they went to Jason East's work and arrested him for possession with intent to distribute drugs. 

Kiran: Did you have any drugs on you?
East: No, I don't have any.
Kiran: Do you know why you're getting arrested?
East: Apparently they said some kind of intent to distribute or manufacture some kind of drugs.
Kiran: Well, were you doing that?
East: Hell no, I don't manufacture any king of drugs.
Kiran: So the police are just arresting you just because?
East: Yeah. 

After all of that, while looking for his keys, deputies say they found a sock stuffed in the front of his pants. Inside of it, they found marijuana, crystal meth and a pipe. 

Kiran: You said you didn't have anything on you and you weren't selling drugs.
East: I wasn't selling drugs.
Kiran: Then how did they find drugs on you?
East: I don't know, ask them.
Kiran: Is that your marijuana and crystal meth?
East: Is that your mic? 

Deputies said they found a scale, marijuana and even prescription pills on another suspect arrested. 

"I would say cocaine, marijuana and meth were neck and neck on this roundup. Prescription pills were kind of low, which is surprising, because that's biggest on our round-ups," Johnson said. "Anytime you can disrupt any distributions going on, it makes a difference. You got 30 people who won't be selling dope tonight." 

Deputies are still looking for 13 other people. Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867. 

On a mobile device? Click HERE to see the slideshow of those arrested and the others still wanted by deputies.  

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