Woman cited for animal cruelty brings to light need for animal control in Livingston Parish

Woman cited for animal cruelty brings to light need for animal control in Livingston Parish

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A local woman is trying desperately to rescue strays, but no one is applauding her efforts.

Instead, she was cited for animal cruelty. Part of her plight could be location as her Denham Springs address showcases a larger issue for Livingston Parish. 
"When you don't know somebody's situation, don't criticize," said Catrina Anderson, who said she just wanted to help.

She lives in the Eastover Estates of Denham Springs, which she said is teeming with stray animals.

"People that d rop em off in here and people that move in here and then move and leave em," Anderson said. "You know it's people like that. To me, that's cruelty to animals when you do that."

She was cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty earlier this month. A Livingston Parish deputy's report said two of her nine dogs were in poor condition. One had a broken back and another had tumors.

The Livingston Parish animal shelter was finally able to come out Sunday and took three of the dogs. Two were euthanized and one is being nursed to health.

This case brings to light a bigger issue in the parish that there is no animal control team. That team would handle stray animals and could have responded to Anderson's home sooner.

However, Parish President Layton Ricks said there isn't enough funding.

"It's absolutely down to money, there's a reason the past two parish presidents never ran a full control animal center. I now understand, there's no budget for it," Ricks said.

Former Livingston Councilman Ricky Goff and the group Lost Pets of Livingston Parish are making an effort to create an animal control unit.

Goff said his plan would require a service fee of $10 to $15 which would be added to property taxes. He said this team would benefit all taxpayers, even ones that don't own pets.

"The people that don't have animals still need to have the ability to pick up the phone and have an animal that is next to them or wanders up to their property, to be able to be taken care of. Right now, no one has that ability," Goff said.

Goff said he is trying to get the tax increase for an animal control team on the ballot in November.

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