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Louisiana policyholders reminded to claim rebates during tax season

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As tax deadlines approach for 2016, the Louisiana Department of Insurance wants to remind policyholders to claim rebates during the tax season.

If you pay property insurance in Louisiana you may be entitled to more than $200 in insurance rebates dating back to 2012. All property insurance policyholders in the state – such as renters, homeowners, and business owners – pay the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assessment as part of their property insurance bills each year. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon reminds policyholders they are eligible for a rebate of 72 percent of the assessment.

“If you have not claimed the Citizens rebate, you can go back four years and receive rebates for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. There is still 63 percent of those rebates available - totaling more than $165 million dollars - to be claimed by Louisiana property insurance policyholders,” said Commissioner Donelon.  

The amount of the assessment rebate can be found on the declaration page of a property insurance policy. The average rebate claimed from the Louisiana Department of Revenue in 2015 was $54. Once a policyholder has paid their assessment, they can claim their rebates for 2012 through 2016 in one of three ways:

  • Louisiana income tax return. The Citizens Assessment rebate can be claimed as a tax credit on your state tax return due May 15.
  • Online form on Louisiana Department of Revenue’s website. Policyholders can fill out a form online through the Louisiana Department of Revenue’s Online Filing and Payments system: www.revenue.louisiana.gov/fileonline. Users will need to create an account to access the electronic form for claiming their Citizens rebate and that process is user-friendly.
  • Complete a paper form. Both personal and commercial policyholders can also claim the rebate by filling out a one-page paper form and mailing it to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. The forms, as well as more information on the Citizens Rebate can be found on the Louisiana Department of Insurance website www.ldi.la.gov/citizensrebate. When submitting the paper form, policyholders must include a copy of the insurance policy’s declaration page and mail it to the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Information provided by the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

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