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YOUR TURN: Charity Hospital Cuts


This week’s "Your Turn" segment goes to Robert Strahan. Strahan emailed us in response to the discussion about state budget cuts. He is upset that the reductions may affect the state’s charity hospitals and because sees that as a higher priority than the TOPS program, which provides college scholarships. In his words:

Growing up in Bogalusa, Louisiana, we were poor and depended upon the Charity hospital during times of severe illness. We were thankful and never abused the system. We received a great high school education which opened up the door to attend college. There was not a TOPS program so we either worked our way thru college, our parents paid, or we took out loans. Now I hear the politicians want to close the Charity hospital in Bogalusa. Shame on you. Cutting TOPS or healthcare? Depends on what your local politician thinks will get him or her re-elected.

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