Crime Stoppers: A night out with friends became his last night on Earth

Crime Stoppers: A night out with friends became his last night on Earth
(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - We all do it: stepping out with friends for a night out. We just never think it's going to be our last night. That was the case for 23-year-old Michael Allen on April 24, 2011.

It's been almost five years since that night, and the stories haven't changed much. Allen and his friends were just hitting the clubs in Baton Rouge, the last one was Raggs on Plank Road.  His mother remembers hearing what happened.

"After they left the club, they headed up Plank Road to d rop off a friend and someone pulled up alongside," said Lisa Allen. "Black car, tinted windows. All they saw was a gun."

The next thing they knew, bullets started flying, right there at the corner of Plank and Mohican. Michael was driving and got hit pretty badly. He hit the gas to get out of there.

"Trying to get him and his friends out of harm's way," said Detective Bryan Ballard with the Baton Rouge Police Department. "He makes a loop, goes to Mohican, cuts on Pawtucket, where he hits a utility pole."

That is where it all ended. He hit the pole so hard it had to be replaced. In fact, power in the immediate area was knocked out for a while.

A memorial rested there for a time. Allen was gunned down and killed.

As for that shooter, he's still out there. Five years later, there has been no justice.

"That time of night, this is a place to be," Ballard said. "Lots of traffic. We know there were some people out here."

That means lots of witnesses too. Including at the club, where friends said there was an altercation earlier in the evening. Michael wasn't necessarily involved though.

"Everybody loved him," said his mom Lisa. "He'd walk into a room and make you smile if you were having a bad day."

So why aren't these friends coming through with some help? Stories are being told, but it's more grapevine than anything else. Something that has proved to be very aggravating for his family, including his younger sister, Lacreesha Allen.

"All the stories are similar, but not adding up," she said.

She misses him every day. Her daughter, his niece, used to kiss his picture all the time, because that's all that was left. It's been nearly five years since that horrible phone call. They're hoping soon, one of those phone calls comes with a little closure.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867. You can remain anonymous.

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