1,500 signatures gathered in support of suspended LSU band director

1,500 signatures gathered in support of suspended LSU band director

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Lisa Aldridge joined more than a dozen fellow Tiger Band members and other supporters of LSU Band Director Roy King in a rally of support.

"Honestly, Roy King is like a second dad to me."

King is on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation by the university. The group turned in a petition with about 1,500 signatures to the offices of LSU President F. King Alexander and Governor John Bel Edwards.

The petition asks LSU officials to allow Roy King to keep his job as band director.

The cover letter for the petition praises King's Leadership, and asks that Alexander and Edwards not allow financial strain and related politics to cloud their judgment.

King is under an internal investigation for a number of allegations, including questions about school money he gave to Tiger Band members for expenses which may not have followed proper procedure.

Former Drum Major Mary Bahlinger led the group's efforts. She says King is a fantastic director, and has the full support of the Tiger Band.

"When Roy was put on administrative leave, we took that as kind of a slight to the band department," said Bahlinger. "We don't think that should happen. We think Roy should keep his job."

Timothy Toler is a close friend of King, and he doesn't believe these accusations.

"He doesn't strike me as someone who would do anything that would warrant the action that was taken against him. I think the dean of music owes the community of LSU, the state, and the city, an explanation."

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