WAFB chief engineer qualifies for Boston Marathon

VIDEO: WAFB chief engineer qualifies for Boston Marathon

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There will be a lot of eyes on the Boston Marathon next Monday for many reasons but here at WAFB, we'll be watching because one of our own will be participating.

Chief Broadcasting Engineer, Dale Russell is in his 27th year at WAFB.

He and his team maintain the control room, studio and transmitter equipment as well as oversee upgrades as they did when the television industry made the big switch to HD in 2009.

But there is something about Dale most of us around here never knew a thing about. He has become an avid runner.

"I started running about five years ago," says Russell. "It took me more than a year before I could actually run a mile without stopping."

Fast forward to today, Dale, now 61, is about to run his third full marathon. The famed Boston Marathon.

"It's pretty exciting and it gets real, all the training you've been doing."

And Boston is not a race you can just simply sign up for.

"Which is what makes Boston so special is that you have to have actually run a good qualifying race to get in it."

"The interesting thing about the qualifying time is you can get the qualifying time but as the race fills, it depends on how many people are applying to get in the race. When they fill up the age group for what it is, it's full."

Dale made it and as it turns out is the oldest person from Baton Rouge running the Boston this year.

"Sort of something I've been going by for a long time. It says you get one chance, not three wishes. You're going to work for the marathon."

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