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Supporters of LSU band director hold rallies to deliver petitions

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There was a show of support Monday at LSU and the Louisiana State Capitol for LSU band director Roy King, who is currently on paid administrative leave.

The group, led by former drum major Mary Bahlinger, submitted petitions with 1,500 signatures to LSU President F. King Alexander and Gov. John Bel Edwards. The petition asks that King be allowed to keep his job.

Bahlinger said King is a great mentor.

"When Roy was put on administrative leave, we took that as kind of a slight to the band department," Bahlinger said. "We don't think that should happen. We think Roy should keep his job."

"Roy's a great person," Timothy Toler, a friend of King added. "I know him personally. He's friendly. He's a people person and he doesn't strike me as someone who would do anything that would warrant the action that was taken against him."

King is on leave pending a human resources investigation.

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