Crime Stoppers: Deadly shooting down the dead end road

Crime Stoppers: Deadly shooting down the dead end road

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It is slowly becoming one of those cases, as the investigation into the murder of Michael Smith goes on.

Detectives with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office said the conversation surrounding the shooting has grown quiet. The victim's family is wondering why.

"His own people, his own boys won't say nothing," his father, Fate Weatherspoon, said. "I wish somebody would come forward and say something."

That all too familiar silence is once again surrounding a murder investigation in Baton Rouge. Springfield Road is a pretty quiet stretch of road off of Scenic Highway west of Baker.

Back on Nov. 23, 2015 the half-mile long dead end road, would prove to be a deadly place.

"Headquarters gets notified that the individual may be suffering from gunshot wounds," Cpl. Edward Nicholson with EBRSO recalled. "A light-colored sedan was seen speeding away from the area at the time of the incident."

That's pretty much all investigators have to go on right now, though. While there is plenty of gossip about what happened to the father of five, there is no real talking.

"Someone said it was a dice game. Then, you hear somebody put $3,500 on his head, a hit. I don't know what story to believe," Weatherspoon added.

What investigators do believe is that this was not done by a random stranger. They think Smith knew his killer and maybe even knew him well.

"The type of person he was and his personality, more than likely, the individual was a friend, somebody he knows. He's the type of person that hangs out with a select group of people," Nicholson explained.

Still, nobody is talking and the family is left to wonder why and who. As more days go by without answers, the frustration only builds.

"It angers me in a way. They open their mouth on everything else. They steady rating on this and that. Now, it's one of theirs and they won't say nothing," Weatherspoon said.

It's a familiar silence to a familiar scene. If you make that phone call, maybe that's where the similarities will end.

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