Louisiana School for the Deaf opens time capsule buried in 1939

Louisiana School for the Deaf opens time capsule buried in 1939

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Department of Corrections work crews uncovered a 77-year-old time capsule containing treasures from an old Louisiana School for the Deaf campus.

Crews came across a metal box while doing work to renovate the old campus into a usable building for the Department of Corrections on March 30. They contacted leaders of the school's current location, and held a ceremony where they extracted the box from its location and opened it for all to see.

The box was pried open with metal snippers because the box was welded shut, but the contents inside were preserved as well as the day they went into storage in 1939.

Inside the box were hand-made dolls, souvenirs, tourism pamphlets, a book about Huey P. Long, and a copy of a 1939 edition of the Times Picyune.

"We're going to put a box back," said Jimmy LeBlanc with the Department of Corrections. "When we do, we're gonna add something, we're not sure exactly, we're going to try to model what they had in the box."

In attendance were reporters, journalists, Department of Corrections officials, and graduates of the Louisiana School for the Deaf.

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