Congressman addresses funds to fix traffic, complains about CATS

Congressman addresses funds to fix traffic, complains about CATS

Congressman Garret Graves says federal dollars on are on the way to Louisiana to address growing traffic concerns. However, he later expressed a greater concern regarding the way in which current tax payer dollars are being spent on public transportation.

"It's ridiculous how bad the traffic has gotten and we've got to make it a top priority in the region," Graves told WAFB reporter Rick Portier following a town hall meeting held Monday evening.

Today, the Business Report released an article with Graves that focused on the CATS bus system, stating that it "is a disaster," and that "It should be blown up and we should start over."

Although public transportation has proved to reduce traffic woes in other parts of the country, Graves says the CATS system is counterproductive to that mission. He cited the low-ridership of the Red Stick Trolley as an example of "wasting taxpayer dollars."

"If they're dead set on having people drive empty vehicles around, give them scooters," he said to the Business Report. "It's beyond a demonstrated failure. Stop bleeding the money and let's put it in other things."

CATS recently announced that the future of the Red Stick Trolley is under review. The CATS board plans to address that issue in its April board meeting.

Regarding other traffic concerns, Graves notes that federal money is coming to Louisiana, but did not provide a timeline on when that money will become available.

"We passed a law in December that's going to provide half a billion dollars in increased funding for the state of Louisiana," he  "So, additional funding is coming here. It's on its way."

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