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District Attorney says FBI could help with hacking into Baton Rouge murder victim's iPhone

Brittney Mills (Source: Facebook) Brittney Mills (Source: Facebook)

Investigators could finally get a step closer to solving the death of a pregnant woman who was shot and killed in Baton Rouge over one year ago.

Officials have been trying to unlock 29-year-old Brittney Mills’ iPhone, which could hold vital information related to the case, however, the phone has an unknown passcode.

The FBI recently hacked into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist attack suspect. Apple refused to unlock the phone when the bureau requested assistance, citing privacy concerns for their customers.

Now, District Attorney Hillar Moore is in contact with the FBI, and they say there is a good chance they could help investigators hack into Mills’ phone.

"It could be that we eventually get into the phone after all this period of time of wanting to get there, and there's really nothing in there," Moore said. "Or, there's nothing that's helpful or useful. But we don't know until we know, and so we need to get into that phone." 

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