Amazing Kids: Avery Kyle

Amazing Kids: Avery Kyle

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Chef Hurricane Avery captivated viewers as she competed on TV's MasterChef Junior.

Avery Kyle's passion for cooking came from a very young age. She wanted to help her dad, Ronnie, and mom, Sharon, any chance she could.

"I wasn't too keen on giving her a knife at that young age," Sharon said. "This was like 3 or 4 years old."

As she got older, Avery continued to improve.

"We always play around with new things, new recipes," Avery said.

One of the family's favorite TV shows is MasterChef Junior.

"I started watching it ever since the first season. So, it was, 'Can I be on the show? Can I be on the show? Can I be on the show?' constantly. And, they were like, 'No. You're not old enough because you have to be 8 years old.' And finally, I was eight, so they were like, 'We can't say no, you're not old enough, so we have to let her,'" Avery added.

Avery missed the last in person casting call in Houston for season four. But, she read some fine print on the MasterChef website.

"I believe that Avery was the first and only contestant ever selected via video application on MasterChef Junior or adult MasterChef," Sharon explained.

The family sent a series of videos to the producers of the show. They finally wanted to meet Avery in person.

"We want y'all to go to Houston and make sure that y'all aren't crazy. So, we did that. Turns out that I'm not crazy. That surprised me a lot," Avery stated.

Avery was selected as a contestant for season four. She spent two months in California shooting MasterChef Junior. One of her favorite moments was receiving her personalized chef's apron. Another was eating strawberries with show host and judge, Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Avery stuck to her Cajun roots. She made Louisiana-inspired dishes like a Sportsman's Paradise burger and her grandfather's crawfish etouffee. Avery made it all the way to the show's finale. Avery finished runner-up to Addison. Now, Avery's culinary career is taking off. She is doing a lot of charity events and cooking demonstrations around the area.

"I think I'm going to write a cookbook, one for adults, one for children. So, hopefully, we can get on that," Avery said.

All of the extra attention is still new to the family. Avery's mom has some advice for any parent going through something similar.

"Just let your kids be. Just let them have fun. Sometimes, we're just too serious. We take things too serious, and, 'Oh, you don't want to do that. You're not going to be able to do that.' You know. Who knows? Maybe they can. And, she's a great example of that."

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