Louisiana GOP: 'Followed our rules' in Trump-delegate issue

Louisiana GOP: 'Followed our rules' in Trump-delegate issue

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Donald Trump's Twitter rhetoric is blowing towards Louisiana this week.

The Republican presidential candidate is threatening to sue over how the state's primary delegates are distributed. The website, Politico, reported the suit could be filed through the Republican National Committee.

Trump believes he is being ripped off when it comes to how Republican delegates are awarded following the March 5 primary election. Louisiana Republicans allocate their delegates proportionally. Trump won about 41 percent of the vote, which gives him 18 delegates.

Because primary vote totals are rounded off, Cruz, who finished with 38 percent, also got 18 delegates. Marco Rubio won five delegates and because he has suspended his campaign, those delegates could change their votes.

There are also five delegates that haven't been allocated yet.

So, potentially, all of some of the 10 undecided delegates could go to Cruz, giving him the edge.

On Sunday night, Trump sent out the following tweet:

Woody Jenkins is the Louisiana state chairman of Donald Trump for President.

He doesn't agree with the way the delegates were divided and he believes the process needs to be changed.

"Here, we have a 46-member delegation where only have 18 or 19 for Trump, even though Trump carried the state," Jenkins said. "That's just not right."

Jason Dore is the executive director of the Louisiana GOP. He said even if Trump does file a lawsuit, he's not nervous. He believes the Republican primary system is fair.

"We're very confident that we followed our rules," Dore said. "We followed the RNC rules. We're prepared for any scenario like that. We've done everything by the book."

Dore added none of the remaining delegates have informed him or publicly stated who they're going to vote for. They don't have to say until the convention, which starts on July 18.

Those 10 delegates are becoming more and more important.

If Trump fails to get a simple majority of primary votes, there could be a contested convention.

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