Donald Trump threatens lawsuit against Louisiana GOP

Donald Trump threatens lawsuit against Louisiana GOP

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is threatening a lawsuit aimed at the Louisiana GOP.

The billionaire tweeted out Easter Sunday that he was not happy at how Louisiana delegates were divvied up, saying "lawsuit coming."

While Trump won the Louisiana primary, rival Ted Cruz came in a close second and was awarded an equal amount of delegates, and with several uncommitted delegates up for grabs, Cruz could come out on top.

The executive director of the Louisiana GOP said Trump received 40 percent of the votes in the Louisiana Primary and received 40 percent of the delegates. He added the rules awarding delegates to presidential candidates on a proportional basis were adopted before Trump became a candidate for president and cannot be changed now.

Source: Louisiana GOP

Trump's Louisiana chairman Woody Jenkins agreed that the party's process is unfair, but did not have any knowledge on pending legal action. He released the following letter to WAFB:

Regarding the allocation of delegates in Louisiana, it was manifestly unfair and indefensible.  According to the rules adopted in October 2015 (which cannot be changed), Congressional delegates were supposed to be allocated proportionately to the popular vote in each Congressional district.  Two problems with that: First, the state party reported returns which are not accurate and not the actual returns at the Congressional level. Second, the allocation was not proportionate to the returns they reported.  Despite Trump carrying the state 42-37-11, Cruz received 7 delegates, Trump received 6, and Rubio received 5.  It should have been 10 Trump and 8 Cruz with 0 for Rubio.

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