New Roads residents celebrate Easter early to avoid potential rain

New Roads residents celebrate Easter early to beat gloomy weather

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - There was no shortage of people out along False River Saturday trying to squeeze in their outdoor plans before possible rain
washes out Easter Sunday plans.
Keith Hunt and his family spent the day hoping to reel in a nice catch.

"It's a beautiful day to be out here fishing," Hunt said. "My son was dying to go fishing so that is what made our plans today."

He like many others are taking advantage of the time to enjoy the water. It's an Easter weekend tradition for folks living near the river but this year,  things are a little different. Most of the celebration happened a day early.

"Today we're trying to do what we can do to catch some fish because we know tomorrow's going to be kind of rainy and overcast," Danny Edwards said.

Edwards and his grandson caught more than 30 brim since Good Friday.

"We just came back out and we've caught maybe 10 to 15 and a few catfish. The season is starting to come on," Edwards added.

While some enjoy the fishing, others say the real fun is actually being out on the water.

Chris Stancliff said he couldn't wait for the holiday to roll around so he could be out doing what he loves.

"You see behind us boats with tubes or jet skis just riding the river. It's just a matter of being outside and not being behind a TV all day," Stancliff said.

It wouldn't be Easter weekend without a crawfish boil. It's why Stancliff headed to the nearest one.

While it may be a day early, when it comes to celebrating, Jonathan Barnes is convinced you can't go wrong in South Louisiana.

"Something about Louisiana always keeps me home and gets us back to this one area that we call home. Anytime I ever think about moving away I think about this type of situation and it keeps me here that way I'll never go anywhere," Barnes said.

Many people along the river say while celebrating early was different, they may consider celebrating Easter on Saturday a part of their tradition going forward.

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