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Good Friday blessed with abundant crawfish season

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In Louisiana, Good Friday is incomplete without some boiled crawfish. That is why many people reserve sacks for boils. 

"We opened the door and we had between 75 and 100 people waiting in line to make sure they get their crawfish for Good Friday," said Bill Pizzolato with Tony's Seafood. 

But not to worry, Pizzolato said they have been able to fulfill everyone's orders. In fact, there are 1,200 sacks of live crawfish in their cooler and all of that will only last Friday and somewhat into Saturday. 

"All our trucks are coming in tomorrow morning and again tomorrow afternoon, they'll go back out and they'll come back in with another load," said Pizzolato. 

Because the weather has been warmer than usual, the size of the crawfish is very size, and they have been able to provide crawfish since December. 

Pizzolato said because Easter is one week earlier this year than years past, they were a little worried how Mother Nature would affect the crawfish supply. 

"It's really unusual for this time of the year so it's probably one of the better qualities in volume and the spillway hasn't really started yet," said Pizzolato. 

Several people went in and out of Tony's Seafood all day Friday with several sacks of live crawfish or boxes full of boiled crawfish. After all, crawfish boils on Good Friday are a family tradition for many like Travis Reulet. 

"It started about 20 something years ago," said Reulet. "It started as just a quick fishing trip in the pond behind my mother and father-in-law's house and then that evolved into someone saying let's get a sack of crawfish and then they decided to make it a tradition. So every year, it's kind of grown and grown and grown and now we're getting 10 sacks of crawfish." 

If anyone is worried they may run out, Pizzolato said they have plenty go around to make sure everyone's weekend is seasonful and pinchful. 

The price for boiled crawfish right now is $3.99 per pound and live crawfish is running $2.79 per pound at Tony's Seafood. 

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