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YOUR TURN: Burl Cain


This week’s "Your Turn" segment goes to Sue Talley. In an email, Talley blasted the news media, including WAFB, and the state government for the treatment of longtime Angola Prison Warden Burl Cain. Cain was cleared by state investigators this week on many allegations that had been made against him. Talley believes he was treated very unfairly. In her words:

I'm thinking that many people of the state of Louisiana, as well as our "fine" local and state governments and the "unbiased" news media have Alzheimer’s disease. Have they forgotten what Burl Cain did for the reformation of Angola Prison since he became the warden? Is there anyone who remembers that when Cain took over Angola, it was one of the most violent prisons in the country? I am so sick of good men of integrity being slandered because of politics. I worked day in and day out with Mr. Cain and the man is as honest and genuine as they come.

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