Tangipahoa Parish animal control rescues animals in flooding

Tangipahoa Parish animal control rescues animals in flooding

TANGIPAHOA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Among those hit hard by the recent floods in Tangipahoa Parish were people who have pets.

Dogs can always be heard barking at the Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control Center, but the noise is a lot quieter than what employees have been dealing with recently.

The center rescued 27 stray animals during the devastating flooding. Officers had to complete high water rescues.

"You're stressed, because a lot of the guys here don't do a lot of high water rescues," said Charles Fitz, the center's director. "So they were a little stressed over that, nervous about what that was going to be like for them."

One of those employees was Candice Silk, who completed two water rescues.

"We had to wade through water that was probably about up to our chest," Silk said. "I mean it was cold, but I was all right. I mean I wasn't worried about snakes or anything like that because the water was cold, but I was just worried about the dogs and getting them safe so they didn't drown."

The center estimated they worked 250 man hours during the weekend of the flooding.

Rescuing the animals can be very difficult, but just as hard can be taking care of them afterward.

"When they're in an unknown environment, it can be very nerve-wracking," said Fitz, "Any time animals come into a facility like this, they're frightened. They're separated from their owners, new environment, and you have to remember somewhere like this, there are a million smells for a dog. So it's a shocker to them."

All 27 animals have been returned to their owners, and none of the pets suffered any serious injuries.

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