LSU says students studying in Brussels are safe

LSU says students studying in Brussels are safe

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The official news feed of LSU tweeted there are students of the university studying in Brussels and that they are safe.

LSU's Study Abroad Director Harald Leder said the two are female students, one a sophomore and another a junior, in Brussels as part of their Spring study abroad.

"As long as the students feel safe, the state department doesn't tell us to bring them home, we leave it up to the students and families to manage the situation as they see fit," said Leder.

Leder said the two left in January 2016 for their Spring semester abroad and are not expected back to Baton Rouge until the end of the semester, which is between May and June.

As for the future of study abroads at LSU, Leder said that they are not going to cancel anything with the exception of certain locations.

"I think we can move forward with many of our programs if not most of them," Leder said. "You have to balance, safety with the messages you want to send. I think yes it would be wrong to say okay we stop, and of course you have to take into consideration how safe you in within the United States."

Officials reported Tuesday morning that multiple attacks in Brussels resulted in at least 34 deaths and left 230 others injured.

The injured includes a US service member and that person's family.

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