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OUR TURN: Kennedy Budget

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Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy knows how to get people riled up on Facebook. Last week, he posted this picture of himself on his Facebook page standing next to a new sculpture at the new medical center in New Orleans.

The sculpture cost $350,000 and was paid for with taxpayer money even though Kennedy says the state is supposed to be broke. Thousands of people saw and reacted to his post, and a couple of them filled in the story that Kennedy omitted.

Louisiana has a state law that requires expensive new government buildings to have one percent of the budget dedicated to works of art. That law is similar to laws in other states, and when the state budget coffers are flush, this might be a fine idea. Unfortunately, it’s like a lot of other Louisiana laws that create statutory requirements for spending.

When times are tough, these rules require us to spend thousands on a statue while cutting basic services. Our state needs leaders now with the vision to rework our laws for spending and taxes.

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