Port Vincent residents start recovery process following flood

Port Vincent Residents start recovery process following flood

PORT VINCENT, LA (WAFB) - People in some parts of Livingston Parish are just now able to get back into their homes after flood waters kept them out for more than a week

It's all hands on deck on Guitreau Lane in Port Vincent as Barbara Wallace works to get her home back in order.

"We are now trying to get stuff back in," Wallace said. "The floors as you can tell are swollen and buckled. Umm and we just don't know what to do at this point."

She's one of many who are slowly starting the long recovery process after flood waters ravaged the neighborhood,  keeping some homes underwater for more than a week.

She can't count the number of personal items lost.

"It's devastating and it's just heartbreaking to lose even just one item that is precious," she added.

Wallace considers herself lucky. The damage at her home is minor after only a foot of water made it into her home but just a few houses down, Elizabeth  Brister wasn't so fortunate.

Her property looks like a warzone. Appliances are scattered across the yard, her personal belongings are strewn everywhere and the shed looks like  a scene straight out of a nightmare.

"Everything is soaking wet," Brister said. "It's full of mud and we got a lot of cleaning to do. Right now we're just trying to recover what we can that's floated away."

Brister is currently living at a neighbor's house. Her home is unlivable after nearly four feet of water and river silk have invaded nearly everything inside.

While the situation may be bad, Brister is choosing not to give up.

"When you love your home you just don't want to leave you know. Everything you got is here and you know this is home," she added.

Brister plans to start cleaning her home in the next few days but she says it could take weeks, or maybe even months before things are back to normal.

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