Driver warns others about possible accident waiting to happen

Driver warns others about accident waiting to happen

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A driver is upset after a sewer cover at a Denham Springs restaurant caused thousands of dollars in damages to her car. The restaurant said they are not at fault, but the driver believes they are not doing enough to protect customers.

Vera Johnson was still in shock as her car took quite a beating after she ran over a sewer cover at Ron's Seafood on Highway 16 in Denham Springs.

"I was just like Oh my God," she said. "I felt something hit my car so I looked in the side mirror and I seen this piece of iron flying."

She said it all happened so fast. The cover flew into the air and slashed through the door of her car.

"So I went inside and I told the owners about it and she just said that it wasn't their fault that it was Ward 2 Water District's fault and that they had been notified several times and I needed to contact them," she added.

The accident caused almost $2,300 in damage and cost Johnson a $260 deductible. She fears other drivers are at risk.

The piece of metal Johnson hit is not bolted down. She said the worst part is her accident was Wednesday and there's still nothing, such as a cone cone or anything, there to keep the same thing from happening to someone else.

An employee at the business refused to answer questions regarding the incident, but did find enough time to later say that no management was present, that the business was not at fault and it is up to the Ward Two Water District to fix.

Regardless of who is at fault, Johnson said the business could still do something to warn drivers.

"A cone is not that expensive, I don't think, just to place over something that's such a danger to their clients or to their customers," she said.

Johnson's car should be fixed in a few weeks. She said she is glad the accident wasn't worse.

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