American Red Cross offers designated donation link for storm victims

American Red Cross offers designated donation link for storm victims

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When disaster strikes, often times, many people want to help those who have been impacted. There is a way to make sure the money you donate benefits Louisiana storm victims.

The images of damage and devastation flash on television screens every time there is a natural disaster. Lately, it seems Louisiana has been Mother Nature's target. Tornadoes tore through south Louisiana flattening homes and uprooting lives on February 23. Two weeks later, many of those same areas were hit by floods.

Nancy Malone, the public affairs director for the Louisiana Red Cross, said supplies are running low.

"It was quickly depleted, in a sense. There was a lot of need all across the area. We were refilling and requesting more supplies to come in," Malone said.

Non-perishable donations, furniture, and clothing are always welcome. However, Malone said when people lose everything, they need basic personal items. The Red Cross provides shelter and support, but the agency also uses the money donated to take it a step further.

"We are also replacing medication, assisting with eye glass replacement, if you lost a cane or wheel chair," Malone said.

The Red Cross is counting on the public to help them continue those efforts. The agency often times partners with local businesses to help generate those funds. Right now the public can help by simply donating through a link on the WAFB website. Malone said that money will be used specifically to help Louisiana tornado and flood victims.

"Recovery is not quick after a disaster. It's emotionally draining and financially draining, and to have somebody there who has been through this process before, you can't put it into words what it means," Malone said.

To the people who have found themselves in that situation, it means everything.

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