La. Revenue official answers top questions concerning state tax refunds

La. Revenue official answers top questions concerning state tax refunds

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many people have wondered with all the doom and gloom coming out of the State Capitol lately how the state's budget issues will affect their tax refunds.

Kizzy Payton with the Department of Revenue answered some of the top questions people are asking.

Why does it seem like its taking longer to get my state tax refund? What is this about new fraud measures slowing things down? 

"This is something that is ongoing. In the past two years we have stopped $38 million from going out the door in fraudulent activity," Payton said. "We've also arrested 50 people as a result of our anti-fraud tax initiative. The main thing is, we always have to be on the cutting edge."

Some of the new fraud initiatives that go along with those already in place have slowed things down a bit.

The state told taxpayers to wait at least 60 days for their refund to be processed.

When will people who've already filed start getting their refunds? 

"We've already started sending out refunds. We send out refunds daily," Payton said. "So individuals will wake up and they will see that refund in their bank account. They also need to know if their  information is not correct on file, that there might be a delay as well. So, it may not have anything to do with our 60-day time period."

If people think they may have incorrect information on file, what can they do?

Payton said taxpayers can call 1-855-307-3893.

What about the rumor that says with the state's budget woes and issues, people might not get their refunds at all because the state is broke? 

"We have consistently told people who have called and asked that question, who have written into us about that – that the two do not equate to each other. The state budget situation has nothing to do with the tax refunds," Payton said.

The state said that they have issued 191,117 refunds so far.

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