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The Investigators: Ascension Parish residents concerned about bridge with new subdivision

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The Investigators found out there is a reason Ascension Parish leaders are allowing a new subdivision to be built just off old Jefferson Highway despite some long-time homeowners in Prairieville protesting the construction. 

The tractors are lined up and ready to move dirt on Hidden Fames, a new subdivision tucked on 60 acres of land just behind Brown Road. The plans call for 142 houses to be built sometime this year, but not everyone is happy about it. 

"I protested when it went up for approval," said homeowner Linda Ezernack. 

Ezernack and her neighbors said they are all for growth in the area, but they fear what the parish has planned in that area could pose a danger to them and the new homeowners. 

All the construction for the subdivision will mean more heavy duty equipment like cement and dump trucks. Homeowner Billy Goodwin pointed to what could be a problem: a sign in the front of the street that indicates a five-ton weight limit, or 10,000 pounds. 

"When you have cement trucks that are going to weigh three times that limit empty, and more than that full, it's going to be a serious issue," Goodwin said. 

They are especially concerned about a small portion of Brown Road that is supported by a bridge. 

"There's only one way in and one way out of this subdivision," Ezernack said. 

The roads might look like they are in good condition, but residents are concerned the heavy equipment coupled with new traffic from their new neighbors will ruin what taxpayers have already paid for.

"It's only repaved as a facade to show the prospective neighborhood off to the real estate agents and developers," Goodwin said. 

Goodwin, who said he has a child with a chronic illness, is worried if the bridge fails it could put his son's life in danger. 

"We has several instances where my son's illness required us to leave in an emergency situation to bring him to the emergency room and if this bridge would have been blocked we would not have been able to get out," Goodwin said. 

Residents said they have voiced their concerns to parish leaders, but they feel their cries for help are being ignored. 

"They are not looking to the future of how this subdivision or other subdivision are going to affect Ascension Parish. All they want to do is add more tax payers," Ezernack said. 

After the Investigators contacted parish leaders, they sent someone out to remove the weight limit sign.  

A spokesman for the parish told the Investigators that is it was supposed to be removed back in 1972 when the bridge was built, and that there are no weight restrictions on that road. As for any damage caused by construction trucks, the Investigators were told that will fall on the developers. 

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