Crime Stoppers: Justice for Tiffany, peace for her family

Crime Stoppers: Justice for Tiffany, peace for her family

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - How many days can you think the same painful thoughts?  How many months, how many years before it begins to fade a little?  Of course that depends on the person and the situation.

For one Baton Rouge mother, it doesn't seem like it will ever get any easier.  A mother's pain never really fades.

"I feel like I failed my child because I couldn't protect her," said Karen Jackson.

She's talking about her daughter, 33-year-old Tiffany Degazon. Almost four years ago on March 31, 2012, someone would make a terrible discovery along River Road in South Baton Rouge. Karen's voice trembled as she recalled that day.

"The police department came to my son, and said they found Tiffany dead," she said.

Many more lives would be changed forever. So what do we know four years later?

Sgt. Scott Henning with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office has been working the case from the beginning.

"She was last known to be alive that previous night in the 8200 block of Skysail."

That's in the Gardere neighborhood about a mile and a half from where she was found.

"Gardere is a fairly tight community," Sgt. Henning said. "We know there are people there who have the answers we're looking for."

For a family in so much pain, knowing there are those who have the answers, but have not come forward, is heartbreaking all over again.

"You hear so many stories. You know people know things that they're not telling," she said.

She uses words like giving to describe her daughter. Inviting to anybody who needed anything, a good spirit, and 85 pounds soaking wet. Which makes her wonder every day why she had to die like this.

"If a person can do this to Tiffany, they would hurt anybody else. I would never want to see anybody got through what we're going through."

And the pain goes even deeper.  Ms. Jackson buried her daughter on April 7, 2012. A year later, her mother died. A year later to the day on April 7, 2013!

The family places Tiffany's grandmother's death squarely at the feet of the killer as well.

"She lost the will to live," said Karen. "She stopped trying after we lost Tiffany."

The hope now is that enough time has passed. That whatever fear may be stopping the information from flowing has passed as well.  No more grim anniversaries without answers. It's time to give this family some peace.

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