Homeowners wait for floodwaters to drain after cresting in Ascension Parish

Homeowners wait for floodwaters to drain after cresting in Ascension Parish

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - A bit of relief for parts of Ascension Parish as the floodwaters might not be much higher than with the Amite River seeming to have reached its crest in Prairieville.

Along Highway 42 near Fred's on the river is where people will find the worst of the flooding in Ascension Parish.

By Monday evening, parish officials believed the floodwater had begun to crest and drain. Parish President Kenny Matassa said the remainder of the week will be spent assessing damage.

Just past Fred's, there is a subdivision of about seven houses that was built near the banks of the river. The houses are built no lower than 10 feet above the ground, prepared for the risk of high water. The rising Amite River quickly turned the tall homes into floating islands. From the highway, Lana and Ted Girouard surveyed the water Monday evening.

"We love the water," laughed Lana. "Not this water, but it's beautiful other than this."

The couple had been planning their dream home in this neighborhood for 15 years, saving up to build on their one-acre piece of property. Their lot currently sits under two feet of water.

"I asked him yesterday if he wanted to re-think it," said Lana of her husband. "No, we're still going to do it."

The Girouards said the risk is worth the property and the lifestyle. Their future neighbors agree. Many chose to ride out the flood at home, using boats to ferry in and out to the highway. When the water drains, the cleanup will begin.

"Pressure washing all the river silt and mud out. Then, helping your neighbors," said homeowner Leigh Rogers.

Matassa said the flooding could have been much worse, but he's happy with the response from the parish. Now, Matassa said their focus will be helping residents get the assistance they need.

To report water damage inside your Ascension Parish home, email flood@apgov.us.

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