Amite River could leave neighborhoods underwater for days

Amite River could mean more flooding for Port Vincent families

PORT VINCENT, LA (WAFB) - A boat is really the only way many in Port Vincent can get around as flood waters are expected to stick around at least through the end of the week.

"It's almost like you're away from the rest of civilization," Pat Dans said. "You're just out here by yourself."

Sheds are nearly swallowed whole and cars are barely visible as water from the river continues to plague people living in Livingston and Ascension parishes. 

 "I guess you get a little worried and anxious maybe is the big word," Dans added. "Just when is it going to recede and when am I going to get back to normal?"

While the water has invaded many homes,  others may be spared. The Amite expected to crest at 12 feet instead of the earlier predicted 13 feet.

"Thirteen would have brought it in my house," Randy Dupuy said. "It's gone down to 12 prediction now so the house is safe. That's a load off my mind. Everything else is good we don't have to pick up the stuff in the house."

Debris could be floating for days as the aftermath of heavy rainfall continues its grip on this community but residents here are already thinking about the future and how they can move forward.

"My neighbors you know they getting water in their houses now and they're going to lose a lot of stuff and I hate to see them go through it but we'll all rebuild together and we'll all take care of each other," CathyJo Temple said.

While things are bad,  people are choosing to hold on to the good.

"When it's not flooded it is so beautiful out here. That outweighs the bad," Dans added.

Residents now looking forward to drying out and for the most going back to normal.

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